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is report-- vinita nair is reporting for us. >> reporter: well, the fbi just wrapped up a press conference, giving us the very latest on the investigation here in boston. we now know there is not a suspect. they tell us the saudi man they had questioned, whose home had been searched, was a victim himself, someone who was injured when those bombs were detonated. they are encouraging people to come forward with cell phone video, with any images they have of when those two bombs were detonated. >> reporter: a law enforcement official tells cbs news, the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon, were built and put in place to look like pieces of trash. the devices were put inside pressure cookers and placed insiding bags. the pots were packed with nails and small metal pellets. >> we were maybe 10 feet away from the explosion. >> reporter: nicholas yanni and his wife are among the survive overs, -- survivors being treat federal are shrapnel injuries and pierced ear drums. >> i couldn't hear. there was a ringing sound. >> reporter: more than 130 hithurt. several lost limb
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1